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Raleigh Penetration and Security Testing

Don't let a security breach or hacker attack affect your operations. Hackers and destructive computer viruses are becoming more troublesome and sophisticated than ever before.


Advanced Security Detection

We offer our customers advanced cyber security and threat detection through vulnerability analysis. Protect yourself by lining up with a team of security experts at Arch Network Services and mitigate your vulnerability risks. 

What is Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or pen testing, is a simulated cyber attack that allows a system to be exploited at a specific point to discover exploitable security vulnerabilities. Scope of a penetration test defines the scope of an attack on the network, the application and/or system infrastructure of the organization. Utilizing a controlled ethical hacking environment, Arch Network Services will conduct a penetration test to hack into a client's network to discover and exploit its weaknesses and better understand the client's data defenses against such attacks.

The Phases of a Penetration Test: 

  • Reconnaissance

  • Threat Modeling and Vulnerability Identification

  • Exploitation (gaining access)

  • Post-exploitation (maintaining access)

  • Covering tracks

  • Reporting

  • Resolution & Re-Testing

Why You Need Both Penetration & Security Testing

It is important to remember that penetration tests do not make an IT network or application more secure if existing security is only evaluated. If you are not sure of the security posture you are in and do not already know the depth of security integrity, you should carry out vulnerability assessments, not penetration testing. Penetration tests will act on the weaknesses found and check their legality, thereby reducing the list of confirmed risks associated with the objective. The penetration testing process allows for other testing activities that are not normally performed during vulnerability assessment, including testing the network, network connection and network traffic, and the application itself. Unlike security checks and vulnerability assessments, penetration tests are performed before hackers attempt to breach the system. 

With a firm understanding of both penetration and security testing, Arch Network Services is your partner in securing your business operations against attack and compromise situations. 

Call us today to discuss and implement a strategy that protects your vital IT infrastructure. 

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